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A little list for future reference.

"Your Soul!"

"Would you like a book deal with that comrade?"

"Inflation is a bitch"

"Advanced rolling up capabilities"


"Go choke on a potato"

"Love and loyalty cannot be bought in live, it has to be earned and given for it is not an asset or commodity, it is a gift"

"All resistance is futile cause i am V and all your base belongs to me!"

"Some will fade away like sand in the wind and some will be an everlasting mountain"

"It is easier to understand the current then find the new"

"Without understanding, there cannot be respect, there for no issues can be resolved"

"I always wanted my own planet"

"Halo I got a question for you? is teabagging a British invention because it sure does sound so British"

"If we all bleach our anus and pretend to be white we all get a Nobel Peace Prize"

"Don't bother to ransom my pod cause I will only give you 0.10 isk "

"We are Legion for we are many"

"I am too sexy for my planet it hurts"

"Would be man says: "but my wife says!!" ,V says: "Piss of you lame excuse for a man, go do the dishes you slut!"

"Hail earthlings!, if you do not STFU we will abduct you to our mothership and give you an anal probe"

"For the shire"

"Shireria Law, No Orks No Goblins"