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Paul "HisEvilness" Ripmeester CEO & OF12
Paul "HisEvilness" Ripmeester CEO & OF12
Paul Ripmeester a.k.a. HisEvilness is the owner and webmaster for the website. The website is the main portal for various articles reflecting my interest. Please use the contact form below or visit any of the social media pages linked here on my profile or on the top of my website.

DDR RAM Overclocking Banner

DDR RAM Overclocking Terminology FAQ

DDR RAM Overclocking Terminology FAQ This Terminology FAQ covers overclocking for DDR RAM for both Intel and AMD platform and adds a reference material for various guides found on hisevilness.com. RAM
Overclocking Guide for DDR4 RAM banner

Overclocking Guide for DDR4 RAM

This easy comprehensive guide illustrated with images is for the overclocking DDR4 using several brands such as Corsair and G.Skill with different IC's as an example. This guide is to supplement
Intel overclocking intro

Intel Overclocking Terminology FAQ

Intel Overclocking Terminology FAQ. The Basics. This FAQ will answer the most common questions when overclocking Intel CPUs. This will cover Intel-based CPU's over about a decade. For the most part,
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