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Privacy Policy on HisEvilness.com

This is a small referral to data collection and the site policy surrounding it. This site does not and will not have user accounts in any way shape or form so there is little data is collected with some caveats. But in order to respect peoples privacy below are various subjects that might interest you and ease your mind. No data is sold by this website for any means nor is there any intention of doing so. This is a private website of an online persona.

Site Analytics.

This site collects data for analytics through Google search analytics this is the only portion of this site that collects some data from you the end-user. Part of analytics is the option to rate a file or article for this only your IP address is stored.

Cookies & Cache

This site has various cookies and uses a cache system to ensure a smooth experience for the users but those will only last 30 minutes with other cache files and on every visit, those must be refreshed and is done so automatically. Some static content is cached longer like static images such as the favicon.

Contact Forms.

Only the data that you enter upon using a contact form is registered.


All files you download are free of virus and by using the https protocol and a CDN it is near impossible to inject any kind of malware into the files. Where possible the site offers files in a naked form that means no zip file or any method of executing a file on your own system. However, it is always wise to scan files before opening them most anti-virus software does this. Photoshop files(patterns/brushes etc) and Corsair iCue are read-only files and do not execute anything on a PC.

Links to other sites.

No control can be exerted how another site might or might not adhere to your privacy however links to other sites are vetted and checked upon entering those on this site. An important part to remember is that part of SEO linking to bad sites will be penalized by search engines such as Google so it is rarely done by most websites. For other websites please refer to their privacy policy to ensure your data remains where you want it to remain.

More Privacy?

If you do not want ANY data to be collected for whatever reason it is highly recommended that you use a VPN service to remain completely anonymous for a light version of privacy Google Chrome has "incognito window" that stores data such as cache and cookie files but those are automatically removed upon exiting the incognito window. Regular browser sessions can be removed by simply purging your browser cache and cookie files under options.

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