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Simple and free SEO tools, 2020 Edition.

This is a short article with great FREE SEO tools for 2020. With the recent Google updates such as BERT some great new additions to the 2019 list of tools. To sound in 2020 and some SEO optimization for your CMS or custom coded website. All tools listed are Free or have a Free option that could be converted into a paid option with more features. This 2020 article is a follow up from my 2019 SEO tools with some new tools as well as some tools that remain vital for 2020 in terms of SEO. The big chance for 2020 is the more prevalent use of rich snippets by Google as well as other search engines and their BERT update that will allow Google to better answer user search queries. But many other tools remain included in this list for all your SEO needs.

Webmaster Tools.

These tools are the same for 2020 as with 2019 but will offer more features with rich snippets being widely used by Google and being implemented with Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. 3 search engines allow you to submit sitemaps and analyze your site performance based on their ruleset. These are powerful SEO tools in itself because the data comes straight from the source. Important to note here that with Bing that they provide the data for Yahoo as well. Data mine search results that apply to your website and the number of clicks you get from search results. As well as showing the number of pages from your website that have been indexed or ignored or have errors. And do not forget to submit your site map so the crawl bots will visit your site sooner than later.

  • Google Search Console: Google Search Console
    The biggest search engine and a must if you want to start with SEO if you want to improve your traffic with big data straight from the source.
  • Bing Webmaster: Bing Webmaster
    Much smaller than Google and they still use meta tags however it can still give you a good amount of traffic.
  • Yandex Webmaster: Yandex Webmaster
    The Russian search engine they offer their services in English as well and a great way to reach out to a Russian audience.
  • Google Update: Google Algorithm Update Impact Analysis Tool - Panguin SEO Tool
    This handy tool will allow you to connect to your analytics console and find out if there have been any Google search algorithm updates that might impact your CTR and SERF ranking.

 Structured Data and Rich Snippets.

These tools are specific to Google as they involve the schema.org and AMP. While other search engines make use of these features and any mobile device can make use of AMP. These tools are to test and verify your structured data as well as AMP conical pages. This is very important as errors may result in delisting from search results ensure if you use structured data that you maintain the outlying rules set by Google as you may be penalized if caught.

  • Rich Result Test: Rich Results Test – Google Search Console
    This tool will perform a test of the submitted URL and see if it supports rich results and if so what rich result features where implemented.
  • Structured Data Testing Tool: Structured Data Testing Tool
    Check the structured data markup of your submitted page. What structured data features are used and if any errors or warning occur.
  • AMP Test: AMP Test – Google Search Console
    est for AMP to verify if your page AMP markup is valid and shows any errors or warnings if they occur. 

Webpage optimization and performance.

Several websites offer several services and result to analyze the various aspects of your websites such as loading time, minifying various coding aspect such as .css and .html as well as the number of requests. An important ranking factor in SEO is the loading speed and content optimization. As well as some aspect to indicate the end-user experience something that has become a more important ranking factor over time, this includes meta and title description and the structure of your website. The most important ranking factor to consider is that for Google since that yields the most traffic for your website but it is wise not to neglect the other search engines and consider them. 

  • GTMetrix Weekly: GTMetrix
    By far the most popular optimization and performance test on the web will give you a good idea and what you need to improve on as well as providing a waterfall tab that shows in sequence how your site loads how much time it takes. What makes it even better is that you can test for PC and mobile devices from various locations to test how your website will perform to a global audience.
  • Gift of Speed: Website Speed Test & Performance Optimization Tools
    Another optimization and performance test that also allows you to test from different locations but only for PC. They do offer a small selection of tools to use with their test so you can optimize on the fly.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights: PageSpeed Insights
    Straight from the source this test is from Google and will give you an indication of how you will do in ranking based on your website speed. Wise to use to compare to other tests if the results are roughly the same.
  • Google Page Speed Module: PageSpeed Module  |  Google Developers
    his documentation is for using Google PageSpeed module through the .htaccess file and works for both Apache servers as well as NGINX servers. Most hosting providers have this enabled by default but check each hosting service FAQ what modules you can use with your website.

Backlinks and Analyzers.

Everything for backlinks and SEO related data linked to links, the amount of external and internal links, new links and lost links with that sprinkled in some content analysis with your links. Important to know who links to your website and if they do link to what page. Collecting links is vital for your growth as well as being a ranking factor in SEO. Here are some great free tools that allow you to give a better break down of links to your website and links within your website.

  • SEO Web Page Analyzer: Web Page Analyzer Free Tool for SEO
    Offering a summary of your website regarding links, keywords, and social media offers some features from the previous section. Simple and easy to use tool with all the data contained in one page.
  • Open Link Profiler: Free link analysis tool - Link research
    By far the best free link analyzer out there offers a wide range of statistical analysis of your backlinks. You can see the age, anchor text, domains and pages of backlinks to your website.
  • MOZ: Moz Pro
    The free version offers some analytics for backlinks as well as page and domain authority. Great way to verify some of the backlink data you get from other tools.
  • Ubersuggest: Ubersuggest
    A great free tool that will analyze backlinks as well as keywords and suggestions for SEO optimization. The combination of finding keywords as well as being able to research competitors for their backlinks and keywords makes it a top tool.

Keyword and Search Trends.

See how your content stacks up in the world and see what the trends are. Very important for SEO even more so if you want to take a deeper dive into SEO. These are the tools to find the trends related to the content of your website and search queries from users.

  • Answer The Public: AnswerThePublic: that free visual keyword research & content ideas tool
    A great tool to visualize a massive amount of data regarding specific queries for keywords you are using or want to use. Breaks down your search and visualizes them in an easy way great for SEO.
  • Google Trends: Google Trends
    Coming straight from the source see the latest search trends by country so you can adjust your website content accordingly. See current and past search trends coming straight from Google.
  • Google Correlate: Google Correlate
    he little brother of Google trends gives you a more granular opposite method of searching for keywords. It will look for patterns regarding your input and tries to find correlating data sets.
  • FAQ Fox: Content Idea & Market Research Tool | FAQ Fox
    A great tool to dive deeper into the content matter and find keywords or phrases for a site or sites. This is a great free tool to do market research.

Images and Optimization.

Images make up the larger portion of your website site there for it will impact your SEO score if you do not optimize them. These tools will ensure you will keep your quality images but reduce their size so your website will load faster. What is also important is a favicon for your website in various sizes and a search engine to see who is using your images on the web. Great free tools to help you optimize your end-user experience.


Some other tools that I consider to be vital for use in SEO they fill in a niche you won't find on any other the other categories. Ranging from Content Delivery network to a sitemap XML generator and a little tool that pings various crawl bots that you have updated your website content all in all these tools should give you an extra edge when it comes to SEO.

  • Cloudflare: Cloudflare
    My favourite CDN it will greatly help SEO and speed of your website loading times and improve your overall SEO score. Easy to use and free with a lot of options with most of them being a couple of clicks.
  • Small SEO Tools: 100% Free SEO Tools - SmallSEOTools.com
    An SEO swiss army knife this site provides some great free tools that cover every category in this article an absolute overdose of tools however you might some not as great a specific tools previously mentioned.
  • SERP Simulator: SERP Simulator - SEO Title & Meta Description Tool 2018 | SERPsim
    See how the microdata markup of your website translates into a visual representation.
  • Ping-o-Matic: Ping-o-Matic!
    Notify a wide range of search engines and websites that you have updated the content of your website.
  • XML Sitemap Generator: Create your Google Sitemap Online - XML Sitemaps Generator
    Everything you need to generate an XML sitemap that you can then submit to the various search engines.


These handy tools will allow you to collect user data such as e-mail addresses and enable push notifications. This outreach then can be used to convert traffic to sales or returning traffic by allowing you to notify subscribed users of updates, new content and new products.

  • One Signal: #1 Push Service | Send Mobile & Web Push Notifications - OneSignalPush notifications that will work on any website for mobile and web. Easy to configure for a wide range of content management systems as well as custom coded websites.
  • Hello Bar: Home - Hello Bar
    Collect visitor e-mails with custom-designed pop-ups or bars that are GDPR compliant. This is especially useful for sales conversion.

So here you have it a comprehensive list of SEO tools for 2020. The updated list for 2020 includes many tools you need with Google updates. Many of these tools will only need to use once or twice when initially writing your content such as the structured data test. Other tools like optimization are an ongoing effort and it is wise to check at least once a month on your search performance. Another important tool for optimization is the analyzers for backlinks and keywords for improving current and upcoming content for your site. In any case, I hope this article is helpful to you.

- Paul "HisEvilness" Ripmeester

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